• Great savings!

    Brahmand Super Market

    We are part of the ‘Happy Shopper’ group for six years and every year we have more and more customers buying from us, due to benefit of excellent offers. Our customers are saving because of the offers, and our sales is also increasing from selling more items and variety of lines.
  • Earning more profits

    Low Price Super Market

    We have recently joined the ‘Happy Shopper’ group and have seen increase in customers and sales, we have happier customers due to the offers. With higher sales and more customers we are earning more profits. Customers are taking advantage of the ‘Happy Shopper’ offers. Customers don’t have to travel far to big malls for such good offers.

  • Promotions/ discount offers

    Ashapura Kirana Stores

    It’s been more than a year that we are associated with “Happy Shopper” which is owned by our supplier Booker India. Being associated with Happy Shopper has helped us in lot of ways. First and most important, every month we get new promotions/ discount offers which we can pass it on to consumers. The best part of these promotion/discount offers is we don’t have to forgo our earning margin. Everything is very transparent.
  • Dedication and the service

    Janta Super Market

    It’s almost two months since we have made a dedicated shelf for Happy Shopper promotions/discount offers as suggested by Happy Shopper team and our sale has gone up by three times for promotion articles. We are very much thankful to Happy Shopper team for their dedication and the service provided. I would surely want to recommend this to the retailers who would want to grow their business and bring professionalism in the look of their store.